It Is Official!!!

There is no longer any doubt about it. I have been phasing by statistic on a long-standing item of my own that has not resolved with any previous efforts to do so and now it is gone!

I simply determined how many incidents were connected to this particular item by listing for a null and then went about discharging all of them.

Every couple of sessions I would re-check the number of incidents that were remaining and continued until they were all gone.

On the very same day I did the one EXACT thing that I would never have thought of to resolve this issue and it did.

Just like that.

Apparently it was right in from of me all along but the charge on these incidents kept me from seeing the solution and once they were gone I had it.

This can be done to resolve the ENTIRE case of each individual with one-hundred percent certainty and results.

No more doubts about what to run and when.

Just case completion after case completion!

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