Listing For A Null

So I’m going to share with you the single most powerful processing technique and tool that we will ever use again.

It is called listing for a null and it will enable one to locate static items that have no charge and then run them accordingly with any associated processing technique.

Not only is this extremely powerful but it can be used on just about any question imaginable on the planet.

Including things such as what is your favorite ice cream, what type of beautiful woman do you prefer, or what is the most important thing in the world to you?

It can also be used on a meter or off of it to accurately pinpoint not just any item but a particular item that will satisfy and explain why a person is having difficulty with all other items on a list.

in running these particular items it has been shown that all of the associated difficulties go with it.

So one starts by taking a sheet of paper whether they are on or off the meter. Then one determines what question they are going to use such as why do they have trouble communicating.

Then the question of why do they have trouble communicating is asked to themselves or another individual repeatedly with each consecutive answer being listed down on the sheet of paper.

At the point where an item is called and the individual has very good indicators, laughs out loud, or brightens up or has some type of other strong response a checkmark or circle is placed next to that item.

The question is then asked three more times but no more because this will cause all of the surface charges on the list to blow and one will then not get accurate reads or be able to contact those particular items on the list for a period of time.

The list is then reviewed and the person looks at the three prior and three additional items to the one which causes a reaction in the person being processed and this read will be found to be null.

The person then inquiries of themselves or the person they are processing to determine if that null read satisfies all of the other items on the list.

By satisfying all the other items on the list we mean it is the explanation or root cause of all of the other items that were listed.

That particular item is then run with any applicable processing procedure in order to discharge any charge that is associated with it.

It will be more important in the future to understand and be able to use this technique because I will soon be issuing the Formulas of Creation that will enable in auditor or PC to pinpoint the exact amount of charge they have associated with an item or given subject.

Once that occurs we will once again have complete certainty in our own at technology and ability to deliver it.

One other thing that I will note here is that occasionally when listing the first second or third items on the list can occasionally cause very good indicators and a reaction in a PC or person processing.

If this occurs you simply list the question three more times and then look for the null read as above.

Good luck and I hope that this technique serves you all well.


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