“The preclear makes the time track as time rolls forward. He does this as an obsessive create on a subawareness level. It is done by an INVOLUNTARY INTENTION, not under the pc’s awareness or control.” HCOB 15 May 1963

This involuntary intention becomes visible when running static case, it becomes visible in self and others; not only is it the origin of one’s own aberration and time track, I surmise it is what we have come to know as a contagion of aberration.
I ran the static case to a very good result and came to a point of very little-to-no case phenomena; if something came up in life I handled it so easily it was gone again. The processing is so great.
Then something started becoming evident that was not the static core of a case; it was a residual manifestation emanating from others. It is not only the contagious aspect of aberration, I speculate it makes up reality as we know it; it makes up the common, associated agreements which form what we know as real.
The static case is the source and the effects are the manifestations of unwanted involuntary creations that surround a person, to become mutually agreed-upon with others’ involuntary creations and combine to form a reality.
Since I have greatly as-ised the source of this case, I now see copacetic days, balance and peace most of the time (95%) and this residual phenomena in others emanates in their surroundings which sometimes enters my space (5%).
I am not going to resolve others’ source of case for them. But it seems I can do something about this mutually associated agreed-upon space of involuntarily associated creations.
We now create with VOLUNTARY INTENTION, AWARENESS and CONTROL. And, I speculate at this level of creation if any time track forms at all. Not the involuntary track I am accustomed to, analogous to a trap one is caught in (charge, solid, mass). At this cause level I waver in and out; much more theta with a no-time like perception.
Weeks go by, it seems without track forming at all; this is the difference between a real universe and an actual universe; no case, nothing to run, balance, peace. I may be all over the tone scale but as anything manifests unwanted, it gets handled so fast I return again to a balance and peace; time has become almost irrelevant; even though I am immersed in life, job, family, and all dynamics.
This residual phenomena came to the fore after the static-null 1.4% case was resolved (cause over). The involuntary aspects of creation of existence have vanished. I haven’t discussed with LRH but this may be the major EP of this process: no time track
“Level (1) NO TRACK – No charge. …Level (1) is of course an OT. …Level (1) has no charge on it. … At Level (1) there is no charge and no track to create it. All charge from Level (1) and up into higher states that is generated is knowingly generated by the thetan, whose ability to hold locations in space and poles apart results in charge as needful.” HCOB 8 JUN 1963R

Technique 0-0 brings about a cause over the creation of a time track and the origin of one’s own aberrations and brings an added bonus of being able to spot in the environment the contagious aspect of aberration which emanates from others. This is technique Static-Static and this is the road to OT.

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