Spiritual Delusions and Illusions

On a spring afternoon of 2015, I found myself in town with some time to spare, so I went to the cemetery for some recreational fun; handling spirits

The first thing that caught my eye was a small statue of an angel. It was a marker for a two year old child. Upon inspection, I awakened the sleeping spirit and set it free. Then I noticed the statue. I spotted an entity that had been there for around 60 years. It was attached to the statue,  absorbing the admiration that the monument had been receiving over the years. To set it free I asked it who it was before it attached to the statue, The being spotted its last lifetime and I made it aware of present time.

Then I moved on to a few other unique monuments and handled attached entities in the same fashion. I noticed a large monument with the family name which was surrounded by several graves of members of the family. I noticed a few family members were attached to the monument that did not have graves in the group. I focused on the monument and then each one of the graves. A large release took place. Still there were enturbulated lines between some of the spirits.The lines of charge were filled with grief, guilt, pain and conflicts from years gone by. I looked closer and dissolved the charge. There was a huge release that make me feel weak and off balance for a moment. All members were in present time. They had been unaware of each others presences for many years, together now and in no hurry to move on yet.

My attention went to a few groups of related graves and I handled them in the same fashion. After doing this a time or two. I decided to bring my attention to a husband and wife who had died years apart. I focused on both graves simultaneously. There was an instant release that took place much quicker that the groups before. This is when I noticed some pain between the two beings. One had died young and was projecting and young body and the other was elderly and projecting a diseased body. Focusing on the elder manifestation made the illusion blow, then the illusion of the younger spouse blew. There were two vibrant beings before me, ready to explore this world together.

Then I noticed another group of of graves around a central monument. On one side was a couple, on the other was five grave of infants the couple had lost. I released all the present spirits at once.  There were lines of charge to the graves of a couple of the infant graves in which the spirit appeared to have been long gone.

Another group was similar. There were spirits present, some gone, but there appeared to be trapped life force in each area. The approach of handling the family as a group dissolved all of this charge much faster than any of my previous approaches.

After a little practice, the process worked even faster by focusing on the central monument and all members of the family and the illusions they were projecting. All of the illusions and lines of charge were blowing. This is when I noticed lines of charge that went elsewhere to graves and homes abroad, followed those lines and there was even more release.

I continued to handle groups in this fashion. From the first group to the last, I felt weak as the charges blew, a small price to pay. The areas were stagnant and dead upon my arrival, they areas were charged with positive energy as these spirits became aware of each other.

One reason for so many spirits present was because of their religious beliefs and those projected beliefs of the family. I live in the Bible Belt of the Southern US. It is astounding that so many members were awaiting the reunion their religion promised. Some needed a nudge by having them look at the lifetime before to help them blow the ultimate illusion: Judgment Day.

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