Static Field Processing

Whenever one is not up to dissolving mental masses or other impengments, just lessen the gradient.

I vanished the physical universe for me, to the point that only static remained.

This happened while doing a simple training routine. More specifically, it happened while I was simply being and nothing more, while sitting 3 feet in front of another person.

In my case it was a woman I had never seen or met. She was sitting across from me doing the same exercise.

This experience proved to be valuable now.

So why not just disolve the whole gommed up charged ball of clusterfuck into the static field? The static field is the void on a different wavelength. Total nothingness.

Static Field Processing

1> Sit with eyes closed
2> Just be. Nothing more.
3> Locate your position in the physical universe. Where am I?
4> Expand your beingness as large as possible.
5> Just be. Nothing more.
6> Locate target: whatever is manifesting in your life or in your physical universe space.
7> Amplify and over dramatize whatever is there.
8> Disolve target into the static field.
9> If it persists, turn it black then white repetitively until you can disolve it into the static field.
10> Repeat until nothing reemerges.
Locate awakened spiritual beings and clusters.
11> Handle them all. Bring all beings onto present time
12> Have beings establish their physical locations. Where are you?
13> Repeat steps ____ until nothing reemerges.

Thats it!

I wish I could add many, many more words to the write up on this topic, but that is it. So damn simple I wonder how I overlooked it for so long.

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