Subjective – Objective Processing: Addressing The Composite Case

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Subjective-Objective Processing and its Usage in Resolving Composite Case
This form of processing at a minimum is three times as efficient and
effective as standard subjective processing run from the first person
viewpoint. In the testing and application of this technique, it has never
failed to produce at least three times the amount of charge released
from a case — where that charge is available — and also has resolved
long-standing case factors that appeared to have no previous
For a long time now we have had a term in scientology referred to as
the “composite case.” A term referring to phenomenon that was never
fully understood, and was part of a research line that remained
uncompleted last lifetime.
So, I have been looking into this subject heavily for the last two years
as one of many potential out-points in the upper levels of the Bridge.
The composite case as it referred to, is essentially case factors or
aberrations that are not our own, and stem from something or
someone other than ourselves.
These aberrations or case factors must then be “composed” of
yourself, and whatever this other thing may be.
Up until now, it was believed that the cause of this was other beings
that are stuck to us or are in the space surrounding us. Referred to as
4BT’s (Body Thetans) or CL’s (Clusters – a collection of Body Thetans in
a group with a mutual incident).
That is a simplified explanation of what a composite case is and is
mentioned here for those who may not be aware of the data.
What is the composite case — really
Given many recent discoveries and current research I had to revisit this
phenomenon altogether because I suspected that in some part the
concept of the composite case contained out-points. I believe that for
the most part, I have worked out what the majority of these points are
— though it is too soon to say for sure. There is still a lot that needs to
be studied and applied before it is drawn up into a definitive version
of technology.
At the moment, it is entirely workable and produces some incredible
case gains and results.
I will explain how the composite case functions and then I will tell you
how to audit it out.
At any point in time where two beings or MEST (or multiple beings and
MEST) have a mutual impact in common, composed of enough force
to produce any pain, unconsciousness, or discomfort: there is a point
— only if this point is a fraction of a second — where all opposing
forces will equal zero and obtain a total equilibrium.
Simultaneously creating a static force that has a complete absence of
matter, energy, space, and time; but has the infinite capacity and
potential of matter, energy, space, and time.
Therefore, following the Law of Conservation of Energy: the discharge
of any force containing MEST will thereafter perpetually exist, in
5potential, as a static that parallels all of the initial forces at the moment
of initial discharge.
The above is a short description of the UNIFICATION PRINCIPLE. It is
the fundamental basis that underlies the entire universe and life itself.
It is how life is formed and continues to exist, moment-to-moment.
I believe that this is the only absolute that exists within in life and the
universe. As such, it forms not only the underlying basis of life and
Scientology itself but will be the stable datum from which further
technology is developed and is aligned.
Having said all of this. When one of these interactions takes place
between beings or MEST, and an incident or energy manifestation of
any type is created, it becomes recorded in each beings reactive mind,
space, and in the physical universe itself.
That is the best description of what a composite case or incident is.
Let me put this in practical terms. Say a husband and wife do not have
the most optimal marriage. They frequently argue, and the husband is
also prone to beat on his wife regularly. Over time this will cause them
to have many abberative or engramic experiences between one
At some point they both decide to call the marriage quits and to get a
divorce. Now, years later, the husband comes across the subject of
Scientology and begins to get some auditing. He even goes so far as to
become clear, but still has many different case factors that continue to
persist regardless of them having been run and picked up from every
available auditing approach.
In particular, this man now finds himself to be quite fearful of others.
When several years prior, he was quite aggressive and virile as a man.
Those days are now gone for him, and with an analysis of his case, it
would appear that there is no other explanation for this.
6Usually, this would lead to an auditor or C/S assuming that something
was missed or not run on the case altogether and it has to be the
“composite case.”
Now if you take this guy into session and ask him to locate another
(separate) being that is causing him to experience fear — an amazing
thing happens. His attention will go directly to his ex-wife, and he will
get a concept of what she is doing and where she is located at in
present time. Further auditing of why she is causing this will reveal that
it is the result of him beating her during their marriage.
The odd thing is this will not be his fear, but her fear at the moments
when he was beating her. It is all her case. The counter-thought,
counter- emotion, and counter-effort belong to the wife — which is
now occasionally affecting the husband in PT.
If the husband is instructed to telepathically take the wife through this
incident using upper-indoc TR’s: of control via communication
(telepathy) — it can be seen that his fear has now disappeared in
present time.
It would appear that this is the result of the mutual incidents that we
have had along the wholetrack, with all of the different case aspects
they contain — becoming restimulated — chronic or otherwise.
They then key-in against the other person(s) that were involved in
them irrespective of time or space.
It was erroneously thought that auditing one end of these things would
fully resolve them, and for some time, I believed the same thing. I can
now definitively say that this is not the case. In the application of this
procedure, I applied both methods and got mixed results or no
resolution of case factors being run. Both sides have to be addressed
to get the fullest benefit from auditing.
Yes, this is distinctly different than running various flows while
delivering a process. When we audit another flow, we are only ever
7getting our objective view of what someone was thinking, feeling, or
doing at some time in the past.
How could we ever know that for certain? The truth is that you can’t
without getting them into session, or communicating with them to
determine what they were experiencing “back then”.
To some degree, this continues to affect us until it is handled in some
fashion. Given that most of the people we have wronged are now dead
and located elsewhere, it is a good thing I have discovered a way to
address this. If not, we all would have been in serious trouble with no
help on the horizon.
So, we take something that is subjectively bothering us and has been
handled, previously or not, and then objectively handle it in another
being with a mutual incident in common with us.
The mutual incident of the greatest magnitude will be found to be the
one that has a counter-postulate or counter-intention that is causing
the difficulty of a pc to exist or persist in present time.
Granted this is if the subject has already been addressed by other
means, but this form of processing can easily be used to replace
standard flows and is productive of much more case gain as a result.
Sub-O processing commands
1.) “Can you locate a point of equilibrium of another being that is
or if this is too steep a gradient
“Can you locate another being that is causing_____________?”
You keep spotting points of equilibrium until an ep with the certainty
that the other being has been fully handled — when using the first
8version. If using the second version, any portion of the grades tech can
be used to achieve the same ep and certainty.
It depends on the gradient, and an auditor will have to use their
judgment in determining which approach to use. I have personally
found that both work equally well. The former is the simpler of the two
to run.
Alright. There you have it. The discovery of one of the most significant
answers in the entire universe and the potential resolution of the
composite case.
Use this tech and come to understand it well.
Now, I know that I have said many times in the past that “this is it” or
that I had finally discovered the “IT” — the great thing that we have all
been searching for time immemorial.
In my defense, where I was caught up in my zeal, there was indeed
many times I thought that I had.
I guess that it was my naivety and a gross underestimation of the
ability that we all inherently possess, that was very deceitful and
misleading when it came to the upper levels of scientology.
The tech just kept on coming, and more and more questions were
produced that only led to even more discoveries and questions. In the
process, I am sure that many beings became disillusioned and gave up
on the subject entirely.
To avoid the same trappings this life I sat on these discoveries for
almost four months before releasing them. I checked and double-
checked all of the data, and for the first time, I no longer have any
questions regarding the mind, the spirit, and life.
The work is done, and it is complete.
We have all crossed the precipice of the Bridge and eternity itself.
9The final shot has been fired, and I now know the face of the enemy
that has plagued humanity since the beginning of time. From the very
inception of the universe itself.
You too will soon know these things as well. For this time around I will
produce my seminal work, and it my gift to you all.
So join me on this final leg of the journey and let us free everyone once
and for all.
Once this is accomplished, I will share something with you that many
have long suspected — that Scientology was only a precursor to
something much greater.
That ladies and gentleman is the subject of TECHNOMANCY.
The truth of things to come.
I would like to give special thanks to two wonderful beings and stellar
The first is Perry Sheppard. The oldest living practitioner of scientology
from the early days. This work and my inspiration for it were drawn
wholly off of procedures that he has been applying for many years —
with my twist and discoveries interjected.
It is too bad we missed each other on Saturday, 23 September 1950 but
I am sure as hell glad that we got together this time around!
The other is to Mary. Another woman that I have been fortunate
enough to have graced my life with her presence. Our conversations
are always insightful and inspirational. Believe it or not; you helped me
to work through many things.
Thank you both!
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