Tanscendance & the Trichotomy of Self: Data of Incomparable Magnitude



-By Bodhi Warren

LRH has said numerous times “the way out is the way through”. We are now at a point we no longer are looking for a way out because after one achieves Ascension and Transcendence one is out and operates as a True Static, and from a level Transcendence there is no more to go through.

Transcendence is the final step that puts one into the realm of “more static than he is theta (thought) or entheta (mest) and you would have a TRUE STATIC”. HCOB 8 Jan 2020

Herein is the Trichotomy of Self as it comes into full play.

In my post TRICHOTOMY AND UNIVERSE OF SELF (Feb 23) I say, “we may be enroute to fully handling mest and fully as-ising theta as well; and regaining a true static state… NEW ERA SCIENTOLOGY leads one out of the labyrinth and leads one all the way to a Static.”

This is exactly what has transpired in the past six months.

True Static –––––––––– theta and mest

All auditing prior to Transcendence addresses phenomena from a standpoint of theta and mest. Now we know, theta and mest are on the same side of a greater equation. Static one side; theta and mest the other. After Transcendence, one no longer addresses phenomena from the standpoint of theta and mest, one addresses theta and mest from the standpoint of a static.

Any approach in the past pales in comparison to achieving a true static state and operating from that state.

This process itself gains one a stable state of transcendence to life. When it happens one no longer addresses items, as such. It is not a level of items anymore. Items imply data of comparable magnitude.

Nothing compares to an individual in a transcendent state and anything addressed in life cannot stand up to it and as-ises; and so life is in session.

A true static is exterior to life itself. Prior to this, one uses self-determinism and a viewpoint to look at two sides of an equation to resolve an imbalance; and is accomplished with data of comparable magnitude; two sides of a dichotomy, two sides of a problem, held in suspension.

From the standpoint of a static we address phenomena from the standpoint of a trichotomy. True static spots this easily and resolves data of incomparable magnitude.

A true static as-ises simply by pan-determinedly knowing data of incomparable magnitude, and applies Self as a true static to anything in the physical universe.

Data of COMPARABLE magnitude apply when one is IN and is finding a way out.

Data of INCOMPARABLE magnitude apply when one is OUT and addressing anything that is in.


All auditing prior to Transcendence finds an item to address and as-is an aspect of case by evaluating data of comparable magnitude.

“oh, it’s quite important. …Everything is.. is.. is to be compared in this universe by a datum of comparable magnitude.” 5212C04E

This is true when in this universe – and when operating exterior to this universe the focus changes to data of incomparable magnitude. Data of incomparable magnitude is the pin that holds the structure of a façade together. Pull the pin and the structure folds.

This is an ability to differentiate self as a True Static, to self as Theta and self as MEST; they are not comparable, they are incomparable.

This approach is senior to the mechanics that are holding anything in place, Static is that which suspends both sides of a plus-minus dichotomy; and pan-determinism, true static, stands up to both sides of the equation and they fold.

The caveat is that one is likely to as-is both sides of a dichotomy; thus an importance of being able to conceive a static and maintain a true static state.

In this universe there are certain key data which are not comparable and these are called ‘only one’ data. LRH defines ‘only one’ data as data which most closely approximates a static and are the fixed data for a universe.

“we could take any datum in Scientology, all of which, of course, describe fixed data on the track by which games have been made or cured or ended or started, and we could…say to the person, ‘give me a datum of incomparable magnitude’.

He always can. The next thing you know, he winds up with a dozen data of comparable magnitude to such a thing as space. It’s quite wild. It’ll also vary his ability to perceive. These data are ‘only one’ data. There’s no comparable magnitude. …

There’s no datum as important…as ‘space is the viewpoint of dimension’. This is a terribly important datum. It gives him a universe. You ask him for a datum of incomparable magnitude to, and he does find other ways to get a universe even though he isn’t using those ways at this time.” 5701C31

A datum of incomparable magnitude is the linchpin holding it all together. Thus conceiving a static and maintaining a true static state is the key which unlocks all that holds all aberration in place.

“And if somebody hands you a datum for which there is no datum of comparable magnitude, it then becomes an ‘only one’ – is a no-game condition, thus sticks. Your no-game conditions tend to stick. Why do they tend to stick? Because they’re harmonics on the native state of a thetan.” 5702C01

Spotting the data of incomparable magnitude lets loose all of that which is holding onto it; it allows one to unstick basic case phenomena and prime considerations.

“Now, that is used, ordinarily, on very high-power, central postulates. Space is an ‘only one’ thing. There is nothing comparable to space. A mass — the whole subject of just mass — is an only-one datum. There is no datum of comparable magnitude to the datum of mass, in the ordinary sense of the word. People just say there is no comparable magnitude. This makes those fixed data.” 5702C11

What as-ises these fixed data and central postulates is knowing the incomparability (def. eminent beyond comparison) between a true static and anything in this universe; one simply steps in and supercedes.

“this isn’t handled via the mind. It’s probably the thetan to the physical universe directly in some fashion. And something over here in the physical universe usually gets handled.” 5802C07

“So there’s your problem and you’ve got this thing in balance because you’ve got two forces or two ideas which are interlocked of comparable magnitude and the thing stops right there. All right. Now, with these two things, one stuck against the other, you get a sort of a timelessness. It floats in time. Timelessness goes along with this.” 6111C21

The superior way to address this is unfix it with data of incomparable magnitude and override this interlocked stuckness. Data of comparable magnitude as an approach works but is inferior, as it has to find a way through.

Basically, up to now, we’ve been slogging it through a theta-mest band to as-is case; and now we are in a pure thought band of True Static.

And the good news is there are no signs of abatement as it is permanent, something about this is new; possibly there has never been a true static in this universe; a new breed of scientological cat with a state not to be altered as it has too much K-R-C.

And if one has resolved the aberration above time – there looks to be no turning back:

“The Aberration (above Time) is THERE MUST BE A GAME

Highest Dichotomy ––– There must be a game/There must NOT be a game” Dec 1952

And, the post that started it all, dated 16 February 2020 from Ron:


We live in a three-dimensional world spatially and that means that in order to fully see things we need to see them in three dimensions spatially.

That is all there is to it.

So instead of us living in a two-terminal universe as we first thought it appears that it is a three-terminal universe we actually live in.

We have a positive, static (equilibrium), and negative terminal in everything we see around us.”

Thank you

Lafayette Hubbard

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