The Awakening of Theta


By Bodhi Warren


I want to explain something of which I am facing now very directly as a result of 9D processing. We are right now in the middle of a major operation of bringing back balance to this part of the universe.
Now that LRH has released the Law of Unification, a law of equilibrium; a balance can be reinstated.

9D released or cleared me on the fourth dynamic, then something happened shortly after on the sixth dynamic unlike ever before. ARC flows opened up – although it was not my ARC for the mest universe; mest blew down towards me.

When this happened, I was awakened. I saw things that were always in front of me and rampant everywhere in this world; however was unable to see it due to my being partially asleep as a thetan.
Once this happens what does one see? Well, it is a context. A context of a war between theta and mest, however it is on much larger scale; it is really just theta vs entheta. It is everywhere.


The following LRH quotes are from a recording in April 1952, this is LRH doing some research auditing and quotes are sequenced in order as he spoke. This never has been so important, until I was awakened. Now I see the importance of why this has been archived for posterity into the library of LRH and Scientology.
It is vastly important.
The subject is Targs and a war between theta and entheta. The war between theta and mest is really just offspring or a sub-category of this larger scale war.


What’s the purpose of entities in the mest universe?
“Defeat it.”
What happened to their universes?
“What happened to them? … the Mest universe spreading and spreading and going across black stratas and it starts across these black stratas and whenever it does that it’s wiping out somebody else’s universe. The Mest universe is an expanding universe… And it was started out by theta”
“Well here we made this what we’ve been calling Home Universe. That’s actually the MEST Universe. … And was actually the Home Universe and we were just getting along fine and the reason we settled off and just started to make the Home universe and so on and dropped off the main body of theta is because theta started expanding. No more than that. It just started expanding. I think there was probably something wrong in its vicinity or something of the sort.”
“Yeah, just started making the universe and it made what you’ve been talking about, we’ve been talking about as the Home universe, nice aesthetic, very constructive, thought pools and that sort of thing. It started spreading.”
“It’s just these damn things [entities] that keep us from knowing about our own universe.”
“Now here we are, here we are going into a what we call the Theta universe, which is the Mest universe, but all we were doing, we would just throw out some chaos and then straighten it up. That’s our modus operandi. … The modus operandi of throwing out something and building on it.”
“Throwing out something and then building on it, and then throwing out something and then building on it, throwing out something and then building on it. That’s the way we proceeded. And all of a sudden our universe that we were building, encroached upon, you know, lent itself as prey to, began to be preyed upon, I guess it actually encroached upon and moved into, or expanded into”
“it just started attacking these other universes. …It started attacking these other universes and tried to mold them in line. …And it started attacking like mad, and started going into these other universes, started moving in on them”
“because that was all the raw material there was. Ha, ha, ha… Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… That was all the raw material there was. Okay! Just started using them as raw material. That’s not quite it, just started using them and incorporating them into the MEST universe.”
“One day, all of a sudden these other universes started throwing in shock troops. They actually did. They started throwing in troops. … Entities … They created time. Everything was beautifully simultaneous ‘til they came along.”
“The Mest universe is just a straight creation of theta and it’s working busily with the Mest universe and is putting it together and hanging up stars and space and time. … Well they hung up space and time and this was very antipathetic for these other entities so they’re going to misuse warp time. Misuse it. They made Theta misuse its time.”
“Theta is interested in aesthetics alone and other entities came in and made it hard for Theta entities to survive in its own universe. …Theta is trying to survive in its own universe. …it’s under very heavy attack. Maybe the attack isn’t as heavy as we like to think. … they want us to think it’s very light. They don’t want us to think there’s any attack at all. They don’t want us to believe there is any attack.”
“Apparently Theta believed that this universe isn’t worthwhile, it isn’t worth doing, and let it all go on and do something else. There’s no purpose in it or anything else. Well, the purpose is to build a universe.”
“Well, the purpose is to build a universe and that’s Theta’s purpose and that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing.”
“These people aren’t building a universe and aren’t interested in building any universe at all. They’re entheta people. They are very much in control of entheta, and there might be such a thing as an entire entheta being. … these things don’t quite respond on thought, emotion, and effort. They’re indestructible. … They don’t change in tone. They don’t fit on the tone scale too well. They don’t fit the band. What we’ve got is enturbulative theta.”
“you’re actually observing theta which has been dragged down more and more and more. …they’re trying to keep Theta from telling the difference between itself and Mest. … In the living being. They’re trying to convince it that it isn’t motivated.”
“There could be eighty entities, there could be hundreds of entities, there could only be one entity. I don’t think there’s any standard number because they come and go.”
“When you have theta trying to escape from the body, doing this sort of thing, it’s actually an entheta being. That’s the ambition of the entheta being, not the ambition of theta. Theta can walk in and out of its body… Theta could get out of the body, as a matter of fact, theta doesn’t need a body. …bodies is an entity creation… And as a matter of fact…In other words, the body is created by entheta beings and theta is occupying it. Yet these entheta beings have forced pieces of theta into these bodies because they won’t motivate otherwise.”
“Well, they think they’re winning on that basis but I think there’s a deeper significance in what theta is doing. Look what theta is doing right now. We got to untangle that point. What is that point now? … Bodies are by entheta beings.”
“Maybe the entheta being would really like you to believe the body is vital. There’s a secret about bodies. …on entheta beings creating the body … They didn’t create the body, they usurped the body. They made the body necessary. Some way an entheta being made the body necessary to theta. We’ve picked up theta beings trapped in bodies. …They’re slaves.”
“Each one was given his duties and theta put them into bodies, one way or the other. But what theta has to realize, and theta really has to realize this, there’s too much, too much. You put these things together in a body – so, you get a body – then, this body had better be under control of the theta being. I think theta beings are waking up on schedule.”
“It’s entities that you can shift around from one person to another. …It’s energies you that can shoot from being to somebody else. … Theta beings supposed to be hypnotized and they go to sleep.”
“theta makes theta think it’s been hypnotized so they keep on working. Maybe theta keeps itself from knowing what it’s doing. …‘Cause if it didn’t keep itself from knowing what it was doing, it’d get all upset with these entities. … a terrific impulse to handle these entities – manhandle them and so forth.”
“The entheta beings … I think in recent times entheta beings have been triumphing in certain locales over theta and I think earth is a prison planet to some degree because the entheta beings have pretty well won out over the people that are here.”
“Well, now we can do a rehabilitation job throughout this part of the universe and we can do a rehabilitation job on straightening out these entheta beings and theta.”
“Because all the entheta beings are running around – they’re here, out of line. … They didn’t do what they were told.”
“Entheta beings will take over bodies and wouldn’t obey theta. This is the story of King Solomon and the Genii. An entheta being has got to be able to say I hear and obey – snap and pop and click his heels and go on his way. But the entheta beings that we have down here on earth, wouldn’t.”
“we talk about King Solomon’s conquest of the Genii. And how he sent them all off to certain parts of the desert. They all revolted and he beat them all up and threw them off into a certain corner of the world and there they went and they finally had to surrender. Now you can go out and pick up jars and all sorts of things now, and in the Arabian Sea and so forth and look them over and you’ll find out they’ve got entheta beings in them. Their demons, Genii, Jinns”
“Well that’s what theta did. Now, theta sitting right out in space some place, other planets, and so forth, all of a sudden says, the hell with these bodies and beings, we’ve got a heck of a lot of theta beings…who have been beaten by entheta beings. …And the battleground is too rough and these things have mutinied so let’s put ‘em all in one place and lock ‘em on to earth. They gotta stay on earth til we get ‘em straightened out. They’ll send somebody down here sooner or later and he’ll straighten them out. …They’ll send somebody down here some day and he’ll straighten ‘em all out and that will be the end of that. All the entheta beings will wind up in good shape. But that’s the whole and complete project. It’s not necessary .. Oh, it’s partly the rehabilitation of the theta beings that have suffered and partly the problem, how do you control an entheta being that’s gone out of control. I think theta must have known this for a long while… Theta has known this for a long while. All these theta that’s down here on earth don’t know this.”
“One of the reasons why the people down here on earth don’t know is so the entheta beings won’t find out and look further, so people here on earth are not supposed to know. The theta beings – the destroyed theta beings, the bummed up theta beings that are down here on earth right now…have promised not to know. …
They promised not to know.”
“The theta beings have gone to sleep… so they can no longer control the entheta beings. … That’s why this is a prison planet and that’s what’s wrong with people on it. The problem is then, is how to wake up these theta beings. How to wake up these theta beings and put under control all these entheta beings.”
“He came under control of his own entheta being. …become contaminated … They surrendered to it. …They think these are orders from theta beings and so they obey.”
“As far as bodies, they become terrifically unbalanced as far as this entheta control is concerned – entheta control. The body gets unbalanced … All of a sudden an entheta being gets in there. It’s people who louse people up that are down here. … It’s people who louse people up – all people who are here. In fact there’s no theta beings – there’s been three or four attempted rescues down here. Each time it goes all haywire. They get to the religion. These entheta beings are controlled over by religion. I think there was an experiment one time that was a religious experiment.”

“Entheta – The entheta is actually, like anything that is under duress, these entheta beings – we shouldn’t be calling them entheta beings – we ought to be calling them Targs… That’s the proper name.”
“Targs – Some of them are Targs. There are several other kinds. There are other kinds than Targs. … That’s common in a lot of theta languages. It means slave. Entheta slave. … Lower order slave. Body holders – horse holders – boot polishers.”
“I think flying saucers right now that’s coming to dump off more theta beings. -Ah, dump off more entheta, enthetaed beings. Targs. …What they’re dropping down here is Targ ridden. It’s a disease – somebody gets Targ ridden – gets unbalanced.”
“they got to control theta beings or die. These have been so disobedient. The trouble is they’re under terrific conservation. You can’t kill ‘em. You can banish them but they keep theta blind. In a blind theta trap. Earth is psychopathic.”
“The Targ employs the theta being’s facsimilies against the theta being. … That’s how you get engrams in restimulation that won’t knock out. This is one track theta didn’t know. Theta hasn’t gone on this track before. He’s never had much trouble with Targs before.”
“the central problem is how do you straighten up theta beings. How do you wake up theta beings who have been run down by Targs. … That’s it! Because if the theta being got awake, they’d have no trouble controlling the Targ. If a theta being got awake, why there isn’t a Targ anywhere around who would dare do anything.”
“Theta beings could do things to ‘em. …Theta beings could put them in agony just by looking at ‘em. … Yeah – you just look at ‘em and they go boom. The thought of being looked at by the theta being or examined or questioned by a theta being. Theta beings can see right through them.”
“you can’t get any good management, everybody has got targ-ridden. … The one thing the Targ will not let you do, under any circumstances, is win. The Targ is against all construction.”
“Because the Targ is a slave and construction makes a Targ sweat. It’s very aesthetic to the theta being but it makes a Targ sweat. … They’re afraid they’ll have to work. Yeah, they’re afraid I’ll find out that they can work.”
“communism is a Targ philosophy. Theta beings never work. … They’re proud of communism. … Communism is their great success. That’s why anybody who thinks in this society is immediately attacked, you’re surrounded by Targs. See what’s liable to happen right now.”
“I’m just liable to tell all these Targs where to go. I’m surprised somebody hasn’t sent a theta being down here because look at all these Targs, and put them in their places.”
“The theta being who has never been Targ ridden just did not understand how the Targ ever got in control. … he did understand that the Targ got in control but he didn’t know the mechanism by which he got in control so he didn’t think the Targ would get out of line.”
“And the theta beings thought that the theta beings had gone out of line. They condemned the people here on earth, the theta beings here on earth because they didn’t think the theta being … they didn’t think the Targs would ever get that good. They had philosophies about it. They have never understood this. … Because your theta being who has never been Targ ridden would not know what a Targ ridden theta beings was. Just incapable of understanding. That’s why the only people you find on earth are people who have suffered from degradation. Amongst the Targs you will not find one theta being.”
“you talk about his personalities. Sure they have personalities. We’ve seen them in market places, we’ve seen them hauling food and crate along roads in other societies, we’ve seen them in armies of Targs. …I don’t think any of these Targs would admit this. … They wouldn’t admit to ever having been slaves.”
“These Targs have blinded the theta beings they’re with and they do love the blind theta being. It’s where a theta being has been wrecked, that you find a person.”
“Maybe it was just a big experiment. Theta beings in suspended animation, that’s what they are.”
“Yes that theta being, I guess, that had considered himself a Targ, became too closely allied with his crew so he lost control of his crew and it’s almost a ceremony about it. Which is ‘Listen here you, you’re no longer a theta being – you must be … you’re a Targ ridder, or you’re a Targer. You’re a Targ man. You’re on the same level as your own crew. You’re not controlling the thing. You no longer can conquer.”
“Well everybody on earth does that don’t they? … It’s typical Freudian philosophy.”
“it’s just that the theta being would be about the same as the Targ and in disgust one of those would be sent down here.”
“a theta being would lose his Targs and become very degraded and couldn’t do anything about it… couldn’t do anything about it and he’d just get punished by being single. … Lose his Targs and then you’d select any of these damn Targs that was lying around and you throw this guy in with these Targs and throw ‘em down there and tell ‘em to work themselves out. Oh yeah. That’s a command we’re under. Throw ‘em down and you tell ‘em work it out.”
“That’s marooning. That’s the piracy of marooning. You give him a bag … a few books, a little powder, a musket, a bag of bicuits and throw him on a desert isle and that’s what happened. Here’s this guy, you make … the six Targs they make a body with him, and you’re out, work it out and when you got it all worked out you come back up here again because theta doesn’t control theta. Theta controls Targs. And when you learn how to control Targs, you’re all right.”
“Therefore these Targs have been fighting like hell because the day of their liberty is at end the day theta gets well.”
“That’s why your socialist is nothing but a crab. Well for god sakes, that’s why they consider fascists so horrible. Socialists for god’s sake. There couldn’t be one of them who’s worth a damn. There could be a level of theta beings getting together to work out the problem but nobody could find enough theta beings that are awake.”

“This is a battle of the Targs. Entheta is winning.”


From Onu…

Hi Joe, quite a few people have attempted to address this area, not many make it through.
Axiom 1 applies.
Each person is totally accountable and responsible for own postulates and perceptions, including those of relative awareness, stupidity or otherwise….. and how the person chooses to relate: Axiom 2.

Within the eternal conflict….
Fighting is diminished responsibility…..
The “Us and Them Syndrome” is a Theta Trap.

When we are aware…
and awake….

The next step is to get duplication…
..the process of creation…
By achieving Perfect Duplication,
Here and Now, in PT.

To acheve Perfect Duplication
Apply The Awareness of Awareness…
When we can see something as it is
It disappears…
The 1st test of truth is As-Isness

This is only the 1st gradient of confront:
It’s gone but we don’t yet totally understand the how, the why and the wherefore…

So next…
We Confront our own STUPIDITY
Our own “Unknowness of Consideration”

Apply Axiom 38: Unknowness
Apply Axiom 29: Other Authorship

When Perfect Duplication is flat….
Subjective and Objective

Then confront own NOT-ISNESS
Apply Axioms 21-24

1) Apply Perfect Duplication
2) Apply Total Understanding
3) Restore Total Knowingness
4) Restore Understanding & Life
5) Finally, Put in THE IDEAL SCENE

Apply the definition of OT
We understand through practical action

Regarding imaginary conflicts of interest…

What’s the PURPOSE….?

What’s the IDEAL SCENE…..?







To whatever THE PROBLEM IS…
Whether that be the eternal conflict or otherwise…..

Think about it like getting


Apply INTELLIGENCE (Axiom 58)
To put in ORDER (Axiom 57)
So why are we so STUPID (Axiom 38)
Confront “The Unknowness of Consideration”

Specifically our own consideration as sole author of our own postulates, perceptions, considerations, opinions and agreements.

The Assignment of:
Other Authorship…

Gradient of Confront:

  1. The Lie and The Basic Lie,
  2. The Persistence of The Altering Consideration
  3. The Basic Truth


Axiom 38.
Stupidity is the unknowness of consideration

Axioms 29, 36, 37, 35
The assignment of other authorship masks the lie, the basic lie, the persistence of the altering consideration and the basic truth.

Scientology Technical Dictionary


  1. thought is not motion in space and time. Thought is a static containing an image of motion. (HFP, p. 25)

L. Ron Hubbard


Thought is a Static containing an image of motion….
So a Targ, MEST, Entheta, Mest Being or whatever else…

….IS what the person chooses to concieve of and how the person chooses to relate, imagine and thereby create and bring into existence…..

….by the process of own origination, understanding, duplication, awareness and determinism…….

… knowing and willing cause-effect….


….as sole author of own postulates and perceptions…. Axiom 1.

So if we assume total personal accountability and responsibility for the origination and creation of all sides of the game….



… the game vanishes…..



The omitted step, prior to putting in the ideal scene in alignment with purpose, is the perfect duplication, as-isness, total understanding and vanishment of the existing scene, as one postulates and percieves it to be, as sole author.

When the ideal scene is the actual scene, the omitted step is the recognition and acknowledgement of the EP and the end of cycle on the VFP which is the actual ideal scene, as a done.


  1. a halfway end of cycle. (2ACC 8B, 5311CM24)
    L. Ron Hubbard


Kind regards


B Warren…

Pat, regarding your message,

We are discussing the main subject of THAT WHICH REMAINS IN STATIC. That holds the last piece to be as-ised.


Static encounters something in MEST and then mocks up a copy to keep that in suspension. See bulletin, THE INVERSION PRINCIPLE

other references:

“By equilibrium, it is meant the exact point at which all total opposing forces are equal. When this occurs, it is also when theta or static itself is formed and takes upon all the same qualities and character of these opposing forces. This appears to be the cause of all mental phenomena continuing to exist long after it has occurred in the physical universe. By uncovering all of these forces and then spotting the exact point of equilibrium when it was formed — an as-isness of an as-is takes place.” HCOB 15 Sept 2018

“I have discovered the original recall mechanism for a thetan would appear to be merely spotting something.

On some level, a thetan knows all things even if he cannot view them in a degraded state. The thetan only has to observe what it chooses to by locating it within time and space. It is that simple.

The only issue with this is many static points, or points of equilibrium have been formed over time due to impacts, etc. Which appear to be the root cause of all engrams, facsimiles, and other mental energy manifestations.

So at the point where an impact occurs and equilibrium of forces is achieved; the above mentioned mental masses are created with both mental and static charge as a part of their composition.

Whenever our attention is on one of these masses — or something in the environment approximates them — they are recreated. Becoming denser over time and pulling in a greater and greater amount of energy. It is an interaction of static energies in incidents and postulates. Not an interaction of theta(thought) energies as there is a marked difference between the two.

Probably the reason an engram or mass comes to be in chronic restimulation in the first place.

On all cases that were run on the NEST procedure, no matter the level, in asking them to spot a point of equilibrium they have invariably never failed to detect something. Not once.

Something always blows into view. There may be no read, and there may be no visio, but there is still a concept, a feeling, or an idea.

It has nothing to do with the mind. The thetan goes right to it — and does so by spotting.

So a thetan will go directly to the point of equilibrium asked for, and it never reads. The only time a read does occur is when they are near some aspect of an equilibrium (static). At which time a read can be observed on a meter.

A static has no energy or mass but does have an infinite potential of energy and mass. The static that is in an incident can then discharge against us. Producing a fall when attempting to view the exact point of equilibrium at its inception.

The higher potential static is what appears to be causing the electrical discharge phenomena in the mind. All other mental and physical universe masses are lesser in energy potential, so they are discharged against by this static energy.

Until now in auditing, we have only been getting the mental masses and charge off of a case. As soon as attention is put back onto any of these static points, it is recreated and mocked up again.

The odd point is that most cases which have gone clear mostly have static pictures. They do not move.

In any event, I will tell you how to get rid of the damn things instead of going into the comprehensive theory behind all of this. That will all come later at some point I am sure.

When running the NEST procedure give the commands and take whatever the PC’s attention goes to. Have them continually spot the point of equilibrium in what they are viewing, even if it does not read. It may need to be spotted upwards of 15-20 times, but the needle will eventually begin to open up and read. It will then finally BD or culminate in multiple LFBD’s…Or more.

Keep them locating and spotting points of equilibrium, and you will see more case gain than ever believed possible.” HCOB 5 Oct 2018

“You keep spotting points of equilibrium until an ep” HCOB 13 Oct 2018

“Another thing to note here is that at the same time a read occurs on the meter it is corresponding to the point of equilibrium in the pc’s mind or universe. So if they have any difficulty in locating one, or when repetitively spotting one; then indicate a read no matter how small. It can be as little as a tick or a stop of the needle; but once indicated it tends to open up the dial and whatever is being run.” HCOB 19 Oct 2018


Basically I have given the solution with reference to Original LRH Precepts in my 1st comment above.

It’s all there in the details, including the handling for this entire case area which you may note is the same as originally stated at the outset perhaps 2 years ago now.

This is not theory. Its based on practical working experience and is a standardised procedure which I have applied for many years, in fact decades, to address and resolve the theta/mest construct at this specific juncture of case address.

Regarding Equilibrium, this is a principle I have applied for 47 years now with various exercises that I provide to people at entry level in order to enable them to take charge of their own process.

However, I apply Equilibrium as a dynamic principle to exercise CCH and Q1 to resolve DisEquilibrium, the actual point in question.

I have written extensively on the precursors to Equilibrium which occurs as a dynamic VFP at the bottom of the scale of address on Not-Isness, the actual process target when working beyond Perfect Duplication to develop Awareness, Understanding, Knowingness and Real OT Capability beyond figments of the imagination, as indicated in my 1st comment above.

As for Unification, it boils down to Isness, Reality.

Process Target:

All this stuff, including BTs, Entities, Clusters, Targs, Planetary Clearing and whatever else, is what anyone who addresses these areas originates, solely on their own determinism with zero necessity for any prior evaluation or data that effectively ends a person up running their own case on someone else’s reality, a via to another determinism.

That’s why Clearing Axiom 29: Other Authorship, as stated in the original post is basically essential. Otherwise it hangs up as an omitted gradient.

There are NO LAWS other than those a person invents for whatever PURPOSE.


When seeking clarification, the simplest place to start is

What’s the purpose?
What’s the ideal scene?

And of course….

Then what…?
What comes next….?

Trace out the entire cycle of action from beginning to end.

Before start.
Most revealing….
We can all do this…


Grade II
Re: 1965 Grade Chart
The States of Existence
The Routing and Gradation Chart in this issue of The Auditor is mainly self- explanatory. But what are these new Grades?


Man has never known, except in some of the rare miracle workers he regarded as saints, how to bring relief to various ills.

The secret was that one is connecting oneself to what he abhors.

To be able to easily bring relief to oneself and others from the hostilities and sufferings of life is a skill man has seen only in healers.

Relief is obtained at Grade II Release.

No. 10
L. Ron Hubbard


Axiom 28 or Axiom 28 Amended
Example: State of Case Scale
Pat and Joe, this is a key subject area with much to be learned about the route from Clearing, at any level, to Practical OT Capability at Knowing and Willing Cause, per definition. Firstly, say we put in the idea of a gradient scale of operating, each with its own -ve/+ve gain bank.

So in order to get through to the next level of case address one is required to be able to work through an F/N Release, Cog and to apply it.

Furthermore, when the -ve gain case on an area or level of address is flat, with nothing left to run, what actually manifests next is the +ve gain case on the same area.

So there’s a transition from -ve gain fixations and stable data to +ve gain fixations and stable data, plus the required capacity to assimilate case gain to date, work through an F/N Release, Cog, and apply this Awareness, Understanding and Knowingness to the next level of case address, on the spot, in PT, in session… whilst the F/N Release is actually present and one has the opportunity to do so.

At a lower level of address when clearing the whole track, still a very high level of confront, yet where we are essentially freeing up stuck attention units on the time track, the same principle is applied to gradiently and swiftly exteriorise a person from the time track, simply by requiring them to gradiently utilise their freed up attention units to do so.

The gradient of Exteriorisation from the Time Track is indicated by LRH Original in Scientology 0-8, in 2 distinct gradients of confront.

“State of Case Scale”

“Time Sense, Deterioration of”

The principle of freeing up attention units in session and then immediately applying them to apply the next gradient of confront is the principle that id actually applied when tracing a chain down to basic and basic basic.

Therefore we may note the absolute necessity of applying the correct gradient, flawlessly and with perfect delivery.

The same principle applies to gradient exteriorisation from the time track up to.a point where a person is actually capable of blowing the entire whole track.

As an OT, applying case gain on the spot, in PT, in session requires a much higher level of causativeness than simply being audited at effect point and ending cycle on the feelgood factor.

One continues on up the tone scale, way beyond enthusiasm, aesthetics, action and all the way up to PT considerations and postulates.

So getting back to the 1st level of Clearing

Perfect Duplication

Gone from where..

Gone from the somatic mind..

Gone from the reactive mind…

Gone from the analytical mind…

Gone from the aesthetic mind..

Gone from the action mind..

Agreements, Opinions, Considerstions, Postulates…

Gone from the Theta Mind..

Theta Postulates…

Generally speaking at a 1st gradient of address the incident is gone from the reactive mind.

It may be located as a concept of experience in the analytical mind.

The person knows what occurred although they don’t see it anymore.

In order to look at the eventband inpect the details and understand their own causation and origination of the entire scenario the person is required to consciously recreate the event.

In the analytical mind.

At an OT level the person simply recreates in PT from Knowingness.

This is a skill.

It’s the one whereby the person gradiently achieves the capacity for total recall per the definition of Cleared Theta Clear.

Blowing by spotting and then blowing by inspection are only the 1st gradient of confront.

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