The Compression Point

In Compression Point Processing, the compression point to process is the one that is manifesting the strongest. It could be the only one the client is aware of.

When you look at an area of pain or shock, you are looking at a collapsed area, a collapsed universe.

From the Knowledgism Dictionary:

COLLAPSED UNIVERSE 1. The universe, the organization, or the individual has experienced the collapse of their reason for existing; the failure of their purpose; the disruption of their visions, the absence of the spirit; the disruption of the mind; the conflict of commands and signals to the body; the inappropriate identity or beingness; an
incorrect location; confused or collapsed teammates, and an inability to produce a valuable product. (Policy Series 1) 2. Collapsed universes. This is the compression of  You the spirit, your mind, your body, and your identity into a ball of confusion, stupidity, and electronic energy, trapping You, the spirit, into heavy uncomfortable feelings and
unpleasant sensations of hurt and anxiety. (Pain Series 1)

The compression point you need to process can often be located in chakra locations or smaller meridians, also known as acupressure points.

“It is like a storm rotating.” is how many describe the compression point.

When the client locates an area of charge,  have him/her look for a compression point. If this is not easily done, have the client look for any flows and follow the flow to the compression point.

Once the compression point is perceived, run Compression Point Processing to bleed off pressure, pain and emotion.

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