The First Time I Helped A Spirit Move On

It was 1991 when I first helped a spirit move on. This was over 20 years before I began formal training regarding helping spirits.
The spirit was my grandfather, who had died six months earlier. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend his funeral. I was at work in my newly opened video store 450 miles away.
I was visiting my grandmother, who knew I had studied a lot of spiritual information. So she felt comfortable telling my about her bizarre experiences since my grandfather had passed.
She and my grandfather had not lived together since 1969, but never divorced. Upon his deathbed, she had promised he could come home if he got better.
She said that since his death, he was often present when she was alone at home. She was reluctant to tell anyone, because she was afraid she would be thought of as crazy.
I immediately felt a chill and the hair on the back of my neck and arms felt as if it was standing up. There was a smell of decay in the room. I said nothing, then she said that he was here. I acknowledged that, I too, felt his presence. She immediately expressed relief.
It was obvious that the odor was present because he had attention on his decaying corpse, but it was also obvious that he did not realize that he had died. She had promised he could come home if he got better. He was no longer in pain and feeling better, so he came home to his wife.
I addressed him as if he was sitting before me in his physical body. I told him we loved him and missed him, but his body died and he was an immortal spirit with the choice of picking up another body or going anywhere he pleased, but he was torturing himself by trying to go on as if he were still living in his previous body. Suddenly he was gone and he never returned.

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