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It would seem that we have now reached a turning point in Scientology and with
processing. What turning point you ask? The one that has always been over the
horizon and just beyond reach. Only suspected by those with years of auditing
experience and practice. The point where a person’s individual case takes a causative
turn and is no longer being addressed via wholetrack or negative case gain
procedures. This is a case that wholly exists and is addressed via the future.
Now it is quite common to see that when auditing is first done a person usually has
most of their attention and effort focused on the past. Then as time goes on a person
can be seen to be in Present Time with a bit of attention focused on the near future.
Then occasionally a person may be seen to be fully in the near future, and all efforts
and considerations are mainly focused on improving others and the universe as a
whole. Though rarely if ever does this extend beyond death or into the far-off future.
Oddly enough you can take any case that is in a decent condition and you can have
them run future events on the time track or Future Track. You just have them go
later/similar and they will get incidents like any that can be found on the whole track.
Which is not only a very effective and valid form of processing, but may be an
entirely different set of factors that are effecting us in present time.
This does not mean that a person can run future events and they have altered the
course of world events. It doesn’t quite work that way. The way it does work is that
if someone is taken later/similar they can run out any abberative or unoptimal
circumstances and realign them in accordance with that person’s desired reality that
have yet to occur.
It would seem that there IS a bit of predestination going on with regards to the future.
It is not defined by some deity or higher power but instead it is determined by each
one of us individually and as a whole.
The first thing that is noticed in dealing with the future track is that it is not set in
stone but is a fluid thing that is apt to change day-to-day. So all of the small and little
details cannot be known or exactly determined beforehand, but the wider series of
events can be.
I will give a practical example to better explain this. Say a guy is a mechanic but not
a particularly good mechanic. He would like to improve that because he does enjoy
doing it and is quite passionate about it. Now after undergoing processing and getting
better in all areas of his life, he still has an issue with the fact that he is not doing so
well as a mechanic.
We ask this guy about being a better mechanic and he says something along the lines
of “I am just not the best mechanic.” Then we ask, “Is there a later/similar regarding
being a mechanic?” “Sure” he says. “Next week a guy is going to come in that I do
not like and I am not going to do my best job because I do not like him.”
Now we as-is this by getting the exact time, place, form, and event. Then most
importantly we find out what can be done that is most optimal in that situation and
it will either EP or will by continuing to go L/S.
What is important to note is that this event may not occur or it will no longer occur
in the manner that it was run in session. The guy the mechanic mentioned may not
show up at all — or if he does show up — the mechanic reports back later that he
ran into this guy but decided to do his best just to rub it in the guy’s nose!
So this runs quite a bit differently then an incident on the whole track. It appears at
this time from the data that I have collected that the future track is composed of a
series of intersecting events that correspond to the reality of others. Others that we
are in contact with or will be in contact with in the future.
Which means that while future events can be altered to a large degree they may not
be completely changed. Under normal circumstances you will not see this mechanic
decide to then become president of the United States. Though that could happen as
a result as this is Scientology after all!
This discovery and form of processing has some startling ramifications. Not only
does it produced incredible and marked change in anyone that it is run on, it may be
the key to cracking difficult cases. It may also be a missing factor in auditing that
has not yet been discovered until now.
The definition of quantum entanglement is as follows:
a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more
objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual
objects may be spatially separated. This leads to correlations between observable
physical properties of the systems.
The simple explanation for this is that no one single thing can exist in the physical
universe without one or more things to reference it to. So a person cannot have an
orange and know that it is an orange without having an apple to compare it to. Even
Albert Einstein was never able to fully explain this. Theoretically, if you have two
people and give one an apple and the other an orange in paper bags, and asked them
to wait an hour and then open the bags a minute apart. The first person to open the
bag would determine whether or not the second person has either the apple or orange
in their bag.
Now this does not actually apply to the physical universe level of apples and oranges
but does on the atomic level. This also seems to apply on the static or true static
The determining factor here is time. Time is only a postulate that space and particles
will persist and even physical universe objects are composed of only particles. In
fact everything we see is compose of nothing BUT postulates.
So to simplify things. One single thing cannot exist without one or more things in
reference to it; further, if any one of these things is effected the others in turn are
also effected in some manner. Though just how they are effected cannot be
completely and accurately predicted. It should be noted that the correlations between
them can be.
If you cut the orange in half in the above example, the apple may go sour on you or
grow legs and walk off. You would never be able to say which for certain.
The way this is applied in auditing and how it relates to thought is slightly different.
We are looking for certainty, but how does one have certainty if only whole track
events are viewed in relation to present time? While we can know all about where
we have been and how that has effected who and what we are — where we are going
and why is equally important.
My recent research has determined that for each thought, effort, overt, decision,
postulate etc… that we make or have made on the whole track — a similar one is
created in the future. Most of the time with the same amount of charge in relation to
the whole track incident that it corresponds to.
If a man hit one of his wives at some point in the past, you can bet that there will be
a later/similar incident where he slaps his sister in a thousand years. Which will be
composed of a chain of overts where all the factors of standard auditing still apply.
The amazing thing about this is that if you are running a guy on overts against
women and have already went e/s and then go l/s with this — you will see the most
marked change that you have ever seen. There is just absolute certainty on the exact
reason why this guy commits overts against women. Not only does he know why he
did it in the past, he now knows why he would ever do it again in the future.
What happens then? He stops committing overts against women as he now has
certainty on a pan-determined basis.
There are a few more things to mention about this that are worthwhile. The first is
that not only does this take off charge in future events that are related to others in
time, it actually realigns them and makes them more optimal. It also postulates and
causatively creates the future for the individual and others. Last, it allows a person
to alter the future by knowing what will happen beforehand and simply doing or not
doing something.
How much this effects others and the general reality of everyone cannot yet be
determined. It may be possible that this will allow a few-thousand ethical beings to
create and chart the whole course of future events.
This is the turning point folks. I think we have had enough of the past and even the
present. It is time to start looking towards the future.
Copyright © 2018
by L. Ron Hubbard

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