The Inversion Sequence

If you want a glimpse into what it is to be an OT then all you need to do is run the INVERSION SEQUENCE and you can see yourself.

It is done by taking an incident one is running and finding what is 0.014 of it its total whole and then once it is located simply STEPPING THROUGH this point and the inversion caused by this and its complementary incident.

This will put you into a REVIVE of the inverse incident in which you can relive it and change any part thereof for better or worse.

L Ron Hubbard



Good. I did a 41-minute session on the INVERSION SEQUENCE.

I don’t know if I audited it properly, but here it is:

a) Incident that is running
b) Find out what makes the size of 14/1000 of its whole
c) Once well located, pass through this point and go back before the printing on the TRUE STATICS
d) From there, one goes back up the time flow of the incident to the PT and is able to modify it according to one’s wishes.

I did this with caution, sometimes feeling a lot of presence of the TRUE SOURCE and finding a lot of POTENTIALITY like Thetan.

I had to interrupt the session, because the validation received as a Thetan, sometimes in the form of STATIC energy flow was important.

I don’t know if this is correct, but that’s how I went through it.

😋😃😃🌈🥳 I’m happy


I am not auditing ANY material. I did not understand why 14/1000….but if I spot a spot of an incident and I go through that I do get the INVERSION, the reverse flow or whatever IS there. So can I create what SHOULD BE THERE??? Instead of what should NOT be there…… My God, i am cogniting!!! Then I can change anything and everything, not only the future, but also the backtrack. I have always thought that “the past is past” and cannot be changed…. I really have an aberration about TIME. Hahaha…. Inversions, vacuums, minuses, implosions. absences and so on.. . Hard to see and confront!!! WHAT a viewpoint… thank you!!!!

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