The Power of Intention

  • According to the defintion of intention which is applicable here is

3a :what one intends to do or bring about. The relevant defintion of intend is “to direct the mind on”.

Therefore when we intend to do something, we direct the mind on what we want to do or bring about.

It is in order to mention here that our intentions can work against us if our mind is on what we do not want to manifest, especially on an unconscious level. Often sickness manifests by intention at a level that we are usually not aware of.  A lot could be written about that and will be a future subject to address here, but for now, we are focusing on conscious power of intention.

My most bizarre example of this is an event I intended by channeling the emotion of anger in order to make a hurricane chase an individual who had pissed me off at the time.

The year was 1994 and I had shared a recent phenomenal experience with someone who made a remark suggesting I was crazy. I am not normal and have no desire to be normal, but I took the comment as an insult.

Shortly after our conversation, he was back home to northern Florida. A couple of days later, Hurricane Gordon was headed straight at me in at my hometown in southeastern North Carolina. I had never experienced a hurricane at the time and was not to happy to find out that one was heading towards me.

I was still rather upset at this individual and the recent event was the tip of the iceburg of the upsets and resentment I had towards this person, but I never really expressed the resentment and maintained a cordial relationship.

So I was still upset and staring down an Atlantic hurricane. I focused on the hurricane while the anger I had towards this individual was at the surface. I put out the intention for the hurricane to go to after the object of my anger who was now in Florida.  At the time, I wass unaware that the huricane had previously been in the Gulf of Mexico and crossed over the Florida penninsula and entered the Atlantic Ocean.

Within 24 hours or so, this person was back in North Carolina. I asked him why he was back so soon. He told me he originally went to North Carolina to get away from the hurricane, but then found the hurricane was headed right at him, so he went back to Florida. Then he told me the hurricane had turned around and was about to hit Florida. He said he thought the storm was chasing him. I did not confirm that it was indeed chasing him, not to give him the opportunity invalidate me and to piss me off even further.

Hurrican Gordon did indeed make landfall in Florida for the second time though it had weakened to a tropical storm before impact. The weakened storm passed over his house and followed his path back up towards North Carolina, while it continued to weaken until it disipated just to the south of us.

I know this sounds unbelievable. I understand completely. Some things you have to experience firsthand in order to believe.

The point I am making is that we do create with emotion and intention.

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