Too Many Blowouts?

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Perhaps this can be true of genuine, ass kicking session blowouts. A lot of processing in a short time can cause a different state of mind. Such an elated state of mind can cause sleeplessness. This is even more true when there are beings that need a solid connection in order to assure that their communication is not to be mistaken for one’s own thoughts or the possibility of one interfering with incoming communications by injecting one’s wants or fears over the actual incoming communication.

I had had 3 hours of sleep for two nights, none on the third night and had had no sleep at 2:30am on the fourth night while having to get up at 4:30am.

I found myself dreaming awake or remote viewing with my eyes closed. The beings in the dream or remotely viewed area were aware of my presence.

I recognized the area by vibration. I had been to the city before, but not to the precise locations I was viewing. I recognized the beings I was viewing also. Though I was not having recalls of individuals, they are my people. We have a history that goes way back in time. They did have an agenda.

No, they were not in light being form. They were in human form but had the ability to fade from view. When I pointed in a specific direction, they responded and they communicated with me. The experience was bittersweet. My heart was touched to see them once again, but the urgent message was of some concern. I was told that if I did not return to my people, I would soon be in spirit form. Though it can be said that we are always be in spirit form, the message here communicated bodiless spirit form.

The entire experience was cut short because it was made clear to them that I had a job that I could not neglect and I had to have some rest.

No, I do not recommend sleep deprivation as  a method of communicating with spirits, but the experience was too great not to share.

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