Transcendence Steps

By Bodhi Warren

Transcendence steps:

  1. One has to be at Transcendent state of True Static. If not, continue Ascension phasing until one has transcended.
  2. Once at the Transcendent state of True Static spot the .00000014.
  3. When this happens, and by doing this, simultaneously one spots and locates one’s identity in all the vast cosmos and universe. (the identity IS the inversion .00000014)
  4. This sends a flow of true static to the identity; which causes it to receive a huge amount of [source, supreme being, god, static] an influx of an inherent state of perfectness to the being at the physical level. (thus a divine revelation)

Without even spotting any item, it causes self to become absolute in a state of perfectness.

Whole static as a physical being.

If there was any item or anything bothering the individual it washes away; as-ises and it’s gone.

What this does is send a communication through the inversion of .00000014 to a receipt point, which is one’s identity in the physical universe. Anything attached to the identity in present time resolves.

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