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I entered an area today, a realm exterior to self; exterior to this identity of self as I know it.

Ascension Phasing technique has been giving me ways to address items and handle them from my own viewpoint.

What happened today is I drifted over to an exterior realm to self; I separated from self as I know it. When one can pick up and turn around and look at self from an exterior perspective it opens up substantial opportunity.

I experienced a similar phenomena when running the Inversion Sequence as I was referring to it as Home Universe.

In this case now, I am referring to it as True Static; however, I am wondering if this is the God LRH was referring to that he met with.

If Ron’s God that he met was himself, then maybe I have met with the same deity; only, it wasn’t LRH I met, it was me.

It may be that each one of us is their own God. Each one of us may impart billions upon billions of identities to play in the games.

The True Static know point I can assume now at will, can spot the identity known as joe or bodhi, my current identity, by – not – utilizing the .014 aspect of case Ron discusses, but by spotting a True Source – True Static “case” aspect which is (relatively) infinitesimally smaller, I spot it at about .00000014; and when I do this I can spot ‘me’ as you and I know it.

This .00000014 is what makes this happen and I see this as a harmonic to .014; only since True Static is infinitely grander this lesser harmonic is infinitely smaller.

It really shows that every individual is their own universe. It’s not that bodhi is a universe, it is more apt to say that bodhi is one identity in a True Static universe (self).

I am currently keeping a lid on how many other identities are out there in my own True Static universe; that may be a bridge I cross at a later date. For now, my wins are so good; I’ll just stay on my one current identity as long as the going is good.

I apply the same mechanism as Inversion and Ascension; I simply take the .00000014 and step through it, spotting my current identity as an inversion and create an aspect of identity and environment and postulate something as it should be.

This supersedes what I was doing on OT IX. Instead of accessing True Static, I now assume Source and emanate a flow of true static source; and when I ‘step through’ this .00000014 I immediately receive an infusion, a huge flux, a flow of true static through me in this body. This body and identity is a receipt-point to Source.

I am still in the middle of all this, but one thing comes to mind with regards to Ascension Phasing and that is -truth- is definitely stranger than fiction. And it happens to be where the wins lie.

Final note: there is an aspect of all this which has gone largely unnoticed. It is the concept of a datum of comparable magnitude. This is a hugely important subject in regards to Ascension Phasing, and all auditing, which I will post about later. I have to mention this with due regard, as my win also included this very important datum. It may not have happened unless I was cognizant of the corollary, which is data of incomparable magnitude. This is how I came into this phenomena and win. And for this I am forever grateful.

Thank you Lafayette Hubbard

Bohdi Later Reported

Things are still happening fast and there more to say on this subject.

Today I figured out what Transcendence technique does and its EP:

It is the final step that puts one into the realm of “more static than he is theta (thought) or entheta (mest) and you would have a TRUE STATIC”. HCOB 8 Jan 2020

I started ‘transcending’ about 50-100 times in a day; after only about a day and a half I realized I can do this without the technique anymore; it becomes a natural state, anywhere – anytime; that was the moment I realized I am more static than theta and mest and I am a True Static.

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