Trichonomy of Self as a Universe of Games

-By Bodhi Warren


Further on a trichotomy of self, which includes static, theta and mest.

One maintains a trichotomy in order to create a games universe.

Three identities compose an entire universe of games:
maker of games (static)
players (theta)
pieces (mest)

Infinity valued logic allows for many variations and levels of identities; and levels of participation.

“And the game divides down into players, assistant players, pieces, and broken pieces. These are actually the component parts of a very wide game.

…and here on Earth we, by and large, don’t even have pieces, and out in the slave strata of outer space you don’t have pieces, you have broken pieces. And a fellow gets up to being a piece again” 5212C09

“The prize of winning is making a new game…Or permitting a new game to be made or making it possible for a new game to be played. Those are all prizes, and that’s all the prizes there are.” 5212C12

Scientology’s prize is the prize of creating a better universe; and a better game.

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