TROM Level 3: Timebreaking

Level Three

General Timebreaking.

Timebreaking. Definition: The simultaneous viewing of ‘then’ and ‘now’. 

If Level Two has been properly done then Level Three will be easy. It’s just a romp around your past; learning your skills and applying them. 

However, if you’ve skidded off Level Two and hope to find salvation in Level Three I have some bad news for you. Either nothing will happen, or all the things you hoped to avoid will come back and haunt you at Level Three. And, what is more, you’ll be stuck with them from here on out. 

You’ve either ‘cooled’ this compulsive games condition you are in with your past at Level Two, or you haven’t. Level Three is no place to be playing this sort of game. Simply because while you are still playing this game you cannot effectively Timebreak, so the exercises will not benefit you. 

So, if in doubt about whether Level Two is finished, then it’s not finished and you must go back and finish it. Then, and only then, will Level Three help you.

Once Level Two is complete the being is able to comfortably place ‘then’ and ‘now’ objects side by side for comparison purposes. Indeed, it will be found that the comparison has become largely automatic. Once he so places them the comparison occurs almost instantly. This is as it should be. 

A being cannot view through time; this is an illusion. He can only view across a distance. Everything you view, you view right now. The action of simultaneously viewing ‘then’ and ‘now’ breaks the illusion of time. It literally breaks time – Timebreaking. 

While the being continues to try and compare the ‘then’ and ‘now’ objects while still considering them in different moments in time he never achieves a full comparison; thus, he never achieves a true evaluation of their relative importance, and the ‘then’ object still retains a residual command power over him. 

Once Timebroken, the command power of the ‘then’ object is vanished forever. This cannot be done until the illusion of time is broken: the illusion of time is broken once it is done. 

There’s nothing mystical about this; it’s all good, solid natural law. How can his past influence him if his past is now in the present? Flip… See it?

Level 3 Commands:

a) Select a past scene. Become simultaneously aware of the scene and PT around you. 

Don’t try and Timebreak all of the scene at once. Take it a bit at a time. Continue to do this until the past scent ‘fades’ – i.e. begins to ‘fall away’ in intensity compared to present time.

b) Select a new past scene, and repeat a).

Continue until you are willing and able to Timebreak all your known past.

This exercise will take many hours – joyful hours! – and you are gaining all the way. 

The past will first be found to become increasingly intense in perceptics, then to progressively vanish. 

As the Level nears completion you’ll be hard put to find new scenes to Timebreak, and will be searching for them. This is quite normal. 

Run RI as necessary. The exercise is not particularly destructive of importances – compared to Level Two, say – but RI will speed your progress considerably. 

Every so often you’ll come across a scene that just will not Timebreak. Not to worry. Just roll up your sleeves and drop back to Level Two regarding it and start finding some differences and similarities between the scene and present time. 

Suddenly it will flip out easily. Run a bit of RI at this point. You’ve found a ‘sticker’. There’s something in that scene; more to it than meets the casual gaze. You’ll be picking that one up again later on Level Four or Five. At this stage we are only interested in Timebreaking it.

As you get well into this Level Three don’t be shy about having a good nosy around in these past scenes. They are your past, you know. Spread yourself out and have a good look around. Go take a walk through these scenes. Find a scene with a bus in it; get on the bus and see where it takes you. You’ll be amazed! Each scene is a complete universe at that moment in time. It’s all there – if you care to take a look. Tch, Tch. I shouldn’t have said this.


Let’s be more scientific. Here we go: During this Level, or the subsequent ones, you’ll find yourself occupying a viewpoint exterior to your body in present time; you’ll also find yourself occupying exterior viewpoints to the ones you occupied at the time during the past scenes. 

All this is quite normal. A being is natively capable of occupying any viewpoint he so desires in any scene, whether ‘then’ or ‘now’. This ability is returning to you. Very soon you’ll be continuously operating your body in PT from a viewpoint exterior to it – simply because it’s more comfortable and natural to do so. And you’ll do this despite the fact that science has conclusively proven that the ‘ego’ is nothing more than a figment of the brain!

Although the past will progressively vanish during this Level, nothing is being lost except the enforcement to view it; any part of your past that has been Timebroken can easily be brought back into existence once more merely by desiring to view it.


As you complete this Level you will get your first preview of Nirvana. For the first time you will feel free of your past, and no longer feel it pressing around you; the endless ‘chatter’ of the mind will at last be still, and you’ll be able to experience the tranquility of utterly still beingness. Unless you actually recall something your past will remain in a state of total vanishment. This, again, is as it should be. 

If you’ve been connected to a skin galvanometer during your exercises, the completion of Level Three will show the instrument now sitting quite motionless at 12,500 ohms for a male, and 5,000 ohms for a female. The needle is quite calm and lifeless. Indeed, from this point onwards the skin galvanometer will never move much again. It has served its purpose, and can now, if you wish, be discarded. Your perception of change is now equal to or superior to that of the instrument.

However, Nirvana is still a long way off. But you’ve now got your feet a couple of rungs up the ladder, and know which direction the ladder is taking you. 

Level Four will get you up another couple of rungs, and give you an insight into how you ever managed to get a mind in the first place.

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