TROM Levels 1 -2


So, the Repair of Importance’s. (RI).

a) Bring something into existence.

b) Have another bring something into existence.

a) Is run over and over until there is no more change; then b) is likewise run. Then a), and then b) again, until both produce no more change. 

The creations should be placed around you 360 degrees spherical. You don’t have to do anything with the creations; the act of creation is sufficient. Quality of creation is far secondary to quantity of creation; abundance is of the essence. 

There are alternate commands:

a) Create something.

b) Have another create something.

The word ‘create’ is for many an emotionally charged word and these people will find the preceding commands easier. They mean the same thing.

Third alternative:

a) Create an importance.

b) Have another create an importance.


Level 2 Commands: Objects

a) Select a non-significant past scene.

(Masochists can select a significant one.)

b) Select an object from this scene.

c) Find an object in PT (one you can see with your eyes) that is different from the past object.

d) How is it different?

Repeat c) and d) (It’s permissible to use the same PT object over and over again if you wish) until no more change; then:

e) Find an object in PT (one you can see with your eyes) that is similar to the object in the past scene.

f) How is it similar?

Repeat e) and f) until no more change, then repeat c) and d). Continue until both c) and d), and e) and f) produce no more change.

g) Select a new past object, either from the same past scene or a different one.

Repeat c) and d), then e) and f) with this new past object until no more change.

Continue the exercise, using more and more significant past objects, until no more change occurs with any past object you care to select. 

Level 2 Commands: Persons

Now do the exercise with past persons. Select them one at a time, and complete the exercise with each person. Continue until no more change occurs with any past person you care to select.

As you do this exercise, and the compulsive games condition between you and your mind begins to break down, you’ll find that it becomes progressively easier to place the ‘then’ and ‘now’ objects side by side for comparison purposes, until you are quite easily able to view both the ‘then’ and ‘now’ objects simultaneously. 

You are learning to Timebreak. By the time the exercise has gone null you’ll be an expert Timebreaker. 

Don’t rush the exercises; nothing is to be gained by so doing. Once started on a past object or person you should persist with the object or person. To change around all the time will not make it easier for you; you are just prolonging the agony – and the exercise. Run the changes out as you go, that is always the fastest way.

Remember: you are running out a compulsive games condition between you and your own past. The exercise continues to produce changes as long as this compulsive games condition is highly charged; as the compulsive games condition quietens down, so the exercise ceases to produce change. 

You end up feeling quite different about your past – quite friendly towards it – as well as being a competent Timebreaker, and so ready for Level Three.

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