Waking Up

Pointers on preparation for deep spiritual processing or to avoid going through life in a trance:

  • Question everything the media or your government tells you.
  • Assume personal responsibility for your actions and your life situation. Do not assign responsibility to a good  or evil deity.
  • Follow no one.
  • Think for yourself
  • Avoid fluoride toothpaste.
  • Spend less time on mind numbing activities such as endless television.
  • If possible, do not shower with fluoridated water. Your body will absorb 10-100 times the fluoride of a cup of coffee.
  • Avoid drinking fluoridated Drink plenty of coffee and tea. Both naturally contain fluoride. Cheaper tea and coffee products have an even higher concentration.
  • Avoid dairy products. There is one thing fluoride and dairy products have in common; Both calcify the pineal gland and make you easier to control.
  • Avoid using washing detergents and fabric softeners so the neurotoxins they are laced with can be continuously absorbed during the day and while you sleep.
  • Avoid cologne. Colognes are loaded with neurotoxins.
  • Do not avoid what you do not want to confront by taking refuge within religious control systems.

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