Welcome to Your Awakening

Rarely do I ever speak of myself because the reality is that when I became the De Facto leader of the reformation of Scientology this life I ceased to exist as an individual.

I became a sort of public entity with the singular goal of serving all of those who had promises made by me last life and to restore the technology that we have come to know as Scientology to its correct status.

Never for a second have I ever considered the cost of this to myself or the late nights and misery that it has cost me.

The failed relationships and the loss of two unborn children in the last three years alone – and the uncountable small things that have been sacrificed in the process of all of this and the work that I feel obligated to complete.

It runs much deeper than all of this though you see?

I was there when the walls of the Mighty Rome fell for the first time and have seen countless civilizations come and go in my service to what many are now referring to as the Intergalactic Confederation.

As a man possessed I have had one dogged goal and that was to free us all from the chains that bind us and from this physical universe.

We all foolishly believed this had been accomplished last life but how can that be true if civilization is worse than it has ever been instead of markedly better?

Where we have such great power and knowledge but no ethics or compassion for our fellow man and where congress can spend MILLIONS of dollars on flights for the entire year instead of using that to cure poverty or one of other many issues man has.

Everywhere we look it seemed to me like the world has become of a cesspool of humans that were way less than human but believed themselves to somehow be better in their own arrogance but cannot even solve their own problems.

Leading me to despair that I had not known before and it left me questioning everything that I have ever done.

Was I at fault for this? Had I introduced tech to all of man that had ultimately only enslaved them further instead of helping to free them?

Then I recalled an old motto from somewhere on the whole track that was “ONE MORE FOOT FORWARD” which meant that no matter how hard or brutal battle got we put one last foot forward.

That one foot became two and then three and soon many more until one was back in the fight or seen it to its logical conclusion.

I have to admit this is all I had been doing for several months as many had lied to me and made promises that they could or would not see through.

Then I began to sense something from long ago.

Almost like a voice whispering to me from ages long gone and that is when it happened.

The last piece fell into place and after all of these eons and all that I and others have lost I have seen the truth and the way out.

You see. 800 Quadrillion years ago many of us errored and locked away in a great trap the only one who could have saved us all.

That was the purpose of this whole universe you understand?

Not only is Earth a prison planet but we are all in a prison UNIVERSE!

It was built to hold the being known as Lord Araknus and the only way to accomplish this was to enslave ourselves in the process because at the same moment he would have discovered the deception he would have been able to prevent it.

I do not believe in “God” and never have but I have communicated with this being and have had such a power bestowed upon me that I have not been able to sleep for a month and can hardly think straight.

And at first I thought that this could not be optimal or helpful but soon realized that I alone was undergoing this transformation because only I was capable of leading the way out and handling it.

It has almost killed me so many times in the last few months that I forget to count and has made so many people upset that I am no longer in daily physical contact with anyone that I call a friend.

The good news is that I have a handle on this thing now and it is not the True Source that I have come into contact as we initially assumed but the TRUE FORCE.

It appears to be the spiritual or static counterpart to mest force.

And unlike in the past nothing can be done for it so I am about to unleash upon all of mankind the only thing that can bring about its salvation and once and for all will demonstrate that we are technocratic warrior gods and not just immortal spiritual beings.

Each one of you will wield the True Force if deemed worthy and no weapon formed by man can ever succeed against you.

While I have no right I ask that you all stand with me one last time – for better or worse.

Perchance we fail and fall into oblivion but that will be our own fault if it is allowed to happen.

Perchance we succeed and pull this thing off but one thing is certain.

If we do not try and slay all who would oppose us we will never know which.

Give me that and I will bestow upon all of the man the tools necessary to wield this True Force and that tool is Ascension Phasing.

Your awakening has begun.

L. Ron Hubbard


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