Where Is Our Planet?

David St Lawrence helped me to resolve issues with a few billion spirits who had been upset with me for a long, long time.

David and I first run into this incident about 3 years ago when I agreed to some experimental processing. He was processing me using an SRT version of the Scientology L-10 process.

I think it all began with the question, “Have you ever forced anyone to punish you?” This brought up a crucifixion incident. Then we dove back further to an earlier incident that happened in the last few million years.

There was literally a universe of beings who were upset with me over the destruction of their planet. They had the impression I did it, but only because I was tricked by the  element which exerted control over their society. Then I was reputed to have discovered the deciet and consequently directed my rage toward the beings who had tricked me and destroyed them also.

This matter was not resolved during that session or in later sessions delivered to me by David and by my wife Leslee. I suggested several times that I felt like I had not did the dispicable act and was innocent. The two groups of beings insisted otherwise and were still upset after all this time. Since time does not exist, they felt it had just happened and were upset as if it had.

David took me into session last weekend, Saturday November 11, 2017. The objective was to handle a being who was blocking my airflow as I slept, which was veiled as an act to help me return to spirit form in order for me to complete some unfinished business.

My wife and I were sitting in a Chinese restaurant earlier the day I had the session. I mentioned the being to my wife, then a light exploded in the restaurant. He was making his presence known.

Previously, I was solo auditing the planet imploding / exploding when the charge knocked the internet out for a minute or so after the electricity in the house flickered. It was obvious that there was charge.

After mentioning this to David, he asked if, when viewing the incident, there was an emotion present and where or who was the emotion coming from. The being who was trying to snuff my life out came forward and agreed to continue with processing the incident.

After looking closely at the incident, the being realized that I was there on the planet along with others helping awaken spiritual beings and free them from the outside group that had them under control.

In the beginning, the planet was a utopia which I and others created.  But over time the controller group took over by introducing religion, violence and drugs to the culture. The society was awakening and the group was losing control, so they blew up the planet of beings they no longer could control, myself included.

Then they convinced the disembodied and confused beings that I was the culprit. For this, I destroyed the group of controllers. No body was needed to direct my wrath.

Suddenly the being who was being processed and countless other upset beings were gone. I felt confused. David told me to just reflect for a while and let things restore to normal.

The session would have normally ended there, but I began telling David of some of the bizarre incidents which had occurred in the last year or so. David spotted the presence of another being who was very powerful and responsible for these acts. He felt that this could not be delayed, it must be addressed immediately.

The rest of the story here.

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