Why Love Conquers All

By Bodhi Warren


I am applying Technique Static to audit the conditions of existence and it brings a major discovery and ability regained which is how to maintain source and cause over the process of creation by using flows of admiration.
One inhabits and utilizes the very nature of the flows of creation, the existence non-existence sequence, and enhances a knowingness of what exactly is as-isness.
As-isness is a causative state, an ability to create and destroy causatively. I have come to realize this as a state of beingness which harmonics as flows of admiration, being a native ability and a state and condition we know as main body of theta.
The condition of main body of theta altered into a separation, and Technique Static audits that first alter-is, which unknowingly became not-isness, enmest and the dwindling spiral of the mest universe.
Admiration is possibly the most valuable particle flow in this universe because it is “a particle which unites and resolves, like the universal solvent” and “Love is the human manifestation of admiration.” [1]
Maintaining a postulate in the face of any counter-postulate is an ability to resolve something by as-ising or altering it according to our own flow of creation. “everything – all force dissolves in the face of admiration. I give you the universal solvent there: it’s admiration.” [2]
This flow of admiration and flow of creation is the flow of a true static. Duplication is “the flow of creation” and “is the process by which a thing persists”. Assimilation is “the process of creating a concept or mock-up and flowing True Static energy at it, in order to cause it to persist and exist”. [3]
A “problem (postulate/counter-postulate), tend to hold certain portions of the time track in ‘permanent creation’ and cause them to continue to exist in present time as unresolved masses, energies, spaces, times and significances.” [4] This ‘permanent creation’ is that which remains in a static and manifests as its opposite in the physical universe.
“The hardest task one can have is to continue to love one’s fellows despite all reasons he should not. And the true sign of sanity and greatness is to so continue.” [5] This is true at a mechanical level. The ability to continue to love in the face of anything or anyone is an ability to be at cause in the creation process, the existence non-existence sequence; as-isness, alter-isness and creation of an isness. And love is the medium by which to emanate a postulate, maintain it in the face of any force and hold it in suspension as that which remains in a static.
That which remains in static creates a physical universe reverse vector manifestation, so control over that which remains in a static is control over that which manifests in the physical universe.
The concept of that which remains in a static manifesting in the physical universe is explained in the Scientology Axioms. “When a primary consideration is altered but still exists, persistence is achieved for the altering consideration.” [6] “A lie is a second postulate, statement or condition designed to mask a primary postulate which is permitted to remain.” [7] “All persistence depends on the basic truth, but the persistence is of the altering consideration” [6]
If one is cause over the first and second postulates, they are cause over as-isness, alter-isness, that which remains in a static and that which persists; in short, cause over creation and the existence non-existence sequence.
When a prime postulate is alter-ised, a thetan starts to protect their creation, almost covetously. This compulsion to protect a creation manifests as havingness, and is the same mechanism which creates mest, a reactive bank, and something held in suspension as that which remains in a static.
This compulsion to protect a creation is a defense mechanism. “Don’t ever defend. Always attack.” [8] “Any time that you protect and defend, you are aiding and abetting all the structures which make up this universe.” [9] Defending a postulate stops the outflow of creation, the flow of admiration, stops the source-point in the creation process; and relinquishes control over to an other-determinism. Thus the importance in being able to confront and look in maintaining cause.
Attack at its very inception is look. An opponent’s counter-intention, attempt to alter-is, can be resolved with a flow of admiration. The phrase ‘killing one with kindness’ can be a genuine flow which suspends a counter-postulate, a counter ‘attack’ as one maintains a cause over an alter-is. “What is in matter? Incredibly enough, it is motion. That is all. It has to do with a particle of energy, which is motion itself but has weight and mass because of a vibrational point, that is surrounded by several electrons, protons and neutrons, which forms an atom. And these atoms form into molecules, or just form in the structure as atoms, and make compounds.” [10] And these creations are created on an other-determined basis (defend) or a self-determined basis (attack).
A thetan postulates, protects, alters and creates. Once this mechanism is discovered for self, one gains an ability to utilize this phenomena and take ownership of the creation process. A thetan can begin to utilize this process to create wanted creations. A postulate is a creation in the state of as-isness, it can be causatively and knowingly altered by suspending it into that which remains in static, and manifest as a reverse vector opposite in the mest universe.
In the past, on a dwindling spiral we protected our ideals from change and unknowingly created an unwanted opposite; now we hold in suspension as that which remains in static the opposite of what we want to experience and manifest what we want. Technique Static educates one to maintain a postulate, a creation, an as-isness altered to create an isness; a knowing and willing cause at a mechanical level.
If I hold unwanted conditions in a static I manifest wanted conditions. As-isness creates by postulate, flows of admiration and permeates an alter-isness, to create that which remains in a static; the laws of the mest universe take care of the rest. Admiration is the greatest particle flow in this universe because it is the flow of creation, and through love anything is possible.
In the end, we do not love our fellow man just because it feels nice; it acts as a medium, a currency which creates an optimum balance and the greatest good for the dynamics. Love thy neighbor actually means to love all that I don’t like about my neighbor and making it vanish. That which is admired tends not to persist. All that remains is what I like about my neighbor.
The only reason something persists is because it doesn’t receive enough admiration. If one can hold all the ills of the world in a static, all the blessings, healthiness and happiness of the world would prevail. Thus the value of a Pandora’s box; that which remains in a static is the Pandora’s box of the flow of creation, which has been held in suspension by a thetan.
Thus we have a Technique Static; the state of as-isness, an ability and wisdom to create, and the flows of admiration. The highest purpose in this universe is the creation of an effect, and it is accomplished by love. This may be why “To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.” [11]

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Would you suggest some commands about admiration,so the opponent’s counter-intention and MEST Universe can be resolved with?

technique zero commands; the purpose of this process is to utilize true source to resolve counter-intention and MEST Universe i.e. to alter matter, energy, space, time or awareness for self and others; the commands are all throughout the process; I have found admiration flows apply to the ‘should be’ ‘should exist’ questions. it is more of an ability than commands. technique zero produces this ability

Ron Bible…

Some years ago i was using Admiration to handle someone that was giving me difficulties. I became aware that my admiration particles were being shoved back at me. The person was not doing it consciously but an automatic. My cog was that was suppression coming back, What i was attempting to do was end the communication line that person had into me and admiration usually handles that. This time it did not thus the above cog so i used a love flow and the tunnel to that person went away.

So if one is having difficulties and admiration is not handling it try love. That is what i found to work for me maybe it will work for others

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